Time to update and refresh Fantasy Author’s Handbook!

I’ve made a few long overdue changes to Fantasy Author’s Handbook, mostly weeding out old links, pages that are showing their age, and so on. I’m not changing any content or deleting any posts, just cleaning it up a little so FAH continues to be easy to access, and still full of all the content I’ve spent almost eleven years gathering.

First off, I’ve said goodbye to the ASK PHIL page, which never really did what I hoped it would do. If you’re not even sure what I’m talking about, well… that pretty much says it all.

I’ve updated my bio, which you’ll find above (or right here) at Philip Athans, which was so old it didn’t even include Writing Monsters, and said I have a huge collection of CDs, which have long since been downloaded and sold off. Anyway, now you know more about me than you might ever need to.

I updated the Welcome to Fantasy Author’s Handbook page to ask for a little help keeping things afloat, especially as the COVID-19 quarantine grinds on:

Fantasy Author’s Handbook is brought to you free of charge, but I do invite you to donate using the button to the right. If you can spare a one-time donation of $5, $20, or maybe $5 a month, that would really help keep Fantasy Author’s Handbook happily handbooking into the 2020s.

I went through all the links on the right side of the page and was sad to see all those guest posts I wrote for Grasping for the Wind have disappeared with the blog itself. I still have the text, though, and will revise and repost the best of them here in the months ahead. I hope they’re at least a little better organized, and anyway, as of today at least, they all actually work!

I made a little list of places where you can find me:

Follow me on Twitter @PhilAthans

Link up with me on LinkedIn

Friend me on GoodReads

Or contact me for editing, coaching, ghostwriting, and more at Athans & Associates Creative Consulting.

I’ll eventually paste that on to the end of older posts, but that’s going to take a while, with 574 posts and counting. In any case, there’s your chance to hook up with me if you haven’t already.

It’s been a while since the post that explained “Advice for Manufacturers of Hokum” so I went ahead and changed that back to “Advice for authors of fantasy, science fiction, and horror,” for clarity’s sake.

Next up will be a way too long overdue update of the INDEX page, wherein you’ll find links to all 574 posts going back to June 2009. If you haven’t poked around that at least a little, do it as soon as possible… there just might be aBest of Fantasy Author’s Handbook book in the future that will collect the more popular and useful older posts from the first five years, and the full text of those posts will no longer be available here. Of course, it might be a while before that’s on sale, but still… what else have you got to do while in quarantine?

A lot… I know.

Thank you for spending a little of that time here, and I’ll see you again next Tuesday, and the Tuesday after that, and the Tuesday after that, and…



—Philip Athans


Follow me on Twitter @PhilAthans

Link up with me on LinkedIn

Friend me on GoodReads

Or contact me for editing, coaching, ghostwriting, and more at Athans & Associates Creative Consulting.




About Philip Athans

Philip Athans is the New York Times best-selling author of Annihilation and a dozen other books including The Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction, and Writing Monsters. His blog, Fantasy Author’s Handbook, ( is updated every Tuesday, and you can follow him on Twitter @PhilAthans.
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  1. Axiom says:

    I own both of those books and I will say, in my honest opinion, they are both worth your time.

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