It’s been way too long getting the new fiction line for Marc Miller’s latest version of the venerable role-playing game Traveller up and running, and I have to admit that most of that is my fault, but at last . . .

The second Traveller novel, Shadow of the Storm by Martin J. Dougherty, is available right now on e-book and will be coming very soon in a print edition, too.


Shadow of the Storm takes us to the Solomani Rim, and joins Robert E. Vardeman’s Fate of the Kinunir in finally bringing the Classic Traveller Universe to life.

I won’t cover this territory again, but, yeah, I love Traveller and I’m excited to be a part of this, especially since it’s finally really moving forward.

Next up, Priority: Hyperion by Erik Scott de Bie, and more, more, more, in both e-book and print formats.

Don’t believe me about the print books? Here’s the cover for the print edition of Fate of the Kinunir, which should be up for sale by the end of this month:


I know, this sounds awful, “selly” and that’s not (usually) the purpose of this blog, but please indulge me.

Here’s how you buy . . .

Shadow of the Storm from Amazon for the Kindle

Shadow of the Storm from Smashwords

Shadow of the Storm from Scribd

Other formats and resellers for Shadow of the Storm are pending, and Fate of the Kinuir is also available from iTunes.

Fate of the Kinunir from Amazon for the Kindle

Fate of the Kinunir from Smashwords

Fate of the Kinunir from Barnes & Noble for the Nook

Fate of the Kinunir from Kobo

Fate of the Kinunir from Scribd

Fate of the Kinunir from Diesel

Join us for some science fiction adventure in the far future!


—Philip Athans




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