Last week I mentioned a list of a hundred titles I wrote out as an exercise to stave off writer’s block and lamented that I no longer had the file, but lo and behold, I did! It was a bit tucked away, but there it was.

And here it is:

  1. What Do You Do With a Drunken Sailor?

  2. Gross, Disgusting Pigs

  3. Everything That Could Possibly Go Wrong

  4. The Sun Killed My Pony

  5. Everyone is the Enemy of Phil

  6. Dead Monkey Slim

  7. Slappy Flipperbutt: Sea Lion Detective

  8. Everything but the Chimp

  9. The Big Sneeze

  10. Blood Red Steel

  11. The Cheese Stands Alone

  12. Forty-two Explosions Later

  13. Who, Me?

  14. Showgirls of Space Station Zero

  15. Zombie Blood Attack

  16. Soylent Green: The Musical

  17. Revenge of the Grown-ups

  18. The Neutering

  19. Go, Fingerlings, Go!

  20. Dehumanizing Emily

  21. Gnome, Alaska

  22. Air Marshall Skippy

  23. Wow, Do I Ever Suck

  24. Men Running Around Yelling and Shooting at Each Other

  25. Stumped by Jumble

  26. Preacherman Steve

  27. The Robot That Farted

  28. Black vs. Red

  29. Super Robo Invasion Force Geo

  30. Nope

  31. Someone Will Give You Something

  32. Fucked-up Undead Clown

  33. Super Robo Invasion Force Geo Advanced

  34. Unimaginable Fish

  35. Pregnant City

  36. If One of Those Bottles Should Happen to Fall

  37. Naked Shakespeare

  38. It’s Destroying Everything

  39. Dead Fear

  40. The Stress Family Robinson

  41. Violent Nudity

  42. Vampire Death Ghost

  43. Where My Thumb is Lodged

  44. War Against Christmas

  45. Costume Contest of the Damned

  46. Three Thursdays Hence

  47. Six of One

  48. I Pissed on Maplethorpe

  49. The Gun said I’m Sorry

  50. The Littlest Titan

  51. Funny You Should Say That

  52. Surprise!

  53. Dimes, Nickels, and Death

  54. Breathing Ice

  55. Thistlewhile

  56. Godzingo Returns

  57. Cactus Prickle Jimmy

  58. All You Can’t Eat

  59. The Hernia Family

  60. The Temptation of Pudding Leonard

  61. Protected Memory

  62. Bloody Pirate X

  63. Black Cloud, White Sheep

  64. From the High Ground

  65. Let’s Twist Again II

  66. Mrs. Goblin’s Holiday

  67. The Earbuds

  68. Radio Dispatched

  69. Thanks For Nothing, God

  70. The Banana Peeler’s Daughter

  71. The Gay Violinist

  72. Surf Nazi Shakedown

  73. A 40% Chance of Rain

  74. Widget Salesmen

  75. She-Beast of the Crimson Jungle

  76. Berserker Frenzy

  77. Midnight at the Cavern Club

  78. The 78th Title

  79. War of the Sea Spiders

  80. Omega Colony Down

  81. Last Class

  82. Outstanding Invoices

  83. Final Revision

  84. Must Send to David

  85. Fax Number

  86. The Angel and the Electric Chair

  87. Kindergarten Death Squad

  88. Fiendishly Yours

  89. Dunne and Done

  90. Mantamania

  91. Harry’s Star

  92. In the Land of Needles

  93. Seventeen Million to One

  94. Shut Up and Die

  95. Night House

  96. Three and Thirty Wounds

  97. The Town That Flew Away

  98. The Dragon of Antioch

  99. The Nun, the Bartender, and the Mexican

  100. Clear Title

Now you try.

—Philip Athans

About Philip Athans

Philip Athans is the New York Times best-selling author of Annihilation and a dozen other books including The Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction, and Writing Monsters. His blog, Fantasy Author’s Handbook, ( is updated every Tuesday, and you can follow him on Twitter @PhilAthans.
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  1. PASchaefer says:

    I’m going to have to write the story called “Everyone is the Enemy of Phil.” =D

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