Here it is after 5:30 PM on Tuesday and I’m only now sitting down to get this week’s post in. That’s a pretty good indication of how busy I’ve been lately. And no, this is not me complaining or making excuses. I like being busy. I’m happy to be busy, and I want to keep being busy.

But this summer’s been nuts.

I’ve been going quickly from edit to edit, with other projects sprinkled inbetween, taught two classes and a one-day seminar . . . and all that while being “Mr. Mom” to two kids on summer vacation.

I can not begin to tell you how happy I am that school’s started back up again, but even then, I celebrated a bit too soon, forgetting all the last-minute errands and demands that the first couple weeks of school bring. But this week I’m starting to finally get something like a work day back, and that’s good, because I have a bunch of projects I need to get finished before I jet down to Los Angeles for the Writer’s Digest Conference West on Friday the 27th. I’m really looking forward to this event, and know I’ll have a lot more fun if I go there knowing I’m not in the process of blowing a deadline.

What this means is that I might continue to be a little Twitter-quiet for the next week and a half, and stuff like that, but I know you can last that long without hearing about my fantasy football team.

Anyway, a bit of a short post this week, and for that I apologize, but with my Writing Fantasy & Science Fiction class starting up a week from today, the WDCw less than two weeks away, and Write on the Sound the very next weekend, I’ll be talking, writing, and thinking about writing a lot in the next couple weeks, which always energizes me, and gives me lots of fresh wisdom to impart here at Fantasy Author’s Handbook. Consider this week a “teaser”!


—Philip Athans




About Philip Athans

Philip Athans is the New York Times best-selling author of Annihilation and a dozen other books including The Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction, and Writing Monsters. His blog, Fantasy Author’s Handbook, ( is updated every Tuesday, and you can follow him on Twitter @PhilAthans.
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