Let’s call this one a love letter to jocks everywhere . . .

I’m a geek. I’m a nerd, too. In England they’d call me an anorak. If I were to travel to Japan I would be an otaku, I think.

The definition of all these various words have been a source of controversy, and people like me who have opted to remove them from the pejorative and wear them as a badge of honor seem to have generally won out over the jocks and bullies who may have originally coined the terms. I’m a geek and a nerd becuase I know lots more about Star Trek than I do about baseball. I’m a nerd because I am convinced, and will remain so to my dying day, that it’s better to be smart than strong. I’m a geek becuase I would rather wear my Green Lantern t-shirt than my Chicago Bears t-shirt, but, oops . . . wait a minute.

I just sent around an email to my Traveller group, which meets once a month to play that venerable old SF role-playing game. This is about as geek as it gets. Not only are we playing an RPG, it’s not even Dungeons & Dragons. We’re at an even deeper level of RPG geek than that. Only if we were playing The Whispering Vault or Skyrealms of Jorune would we be dipping deeper into that pool. (And as an aside, I have both those games on my shelf so if you’re thinking of running either in the Seattle Eastside area, please let me know.) But you know what fantasy role-playing game I’m getting together with friends to play tonight?

Fantasy football.

You heard that right. And if you’ve been following me on Twitter for a while you’ll know this about me. I’m a geek who likes NFL football. I don’t really have a preference between t-shirts when it comes to Green Lantern, the Chicago Bears, H.P. Lovecraft, and the Seattle Seahawks. I can geek out on both traditional “Geek Culture” and football in equal measure.

Back before the rise of so-called “Geek Chic,” I started to notice the other flavors of geek that surrounded me. And yes, people, there are football geeks. But you know who are really the biggest geeks of all?


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—Philip Athans


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4 Responses to I GEEK, YOU GEEK

  1. Sean Durity says:

    As an NFL and fantasy football geek, I have to heartily agree with this. I can’t understand the appeal of golf, but you are right that there are “golf geeks” as much as Star Trek ones. I happen to be a Bible geek, too, and proud of it.

    BTW – just finished reading your book, “The Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction.” It certainly speaks to many of the questions I have as I begin my first fantasy novel. I am glad to have discovered it and your blog. I hope to be hitting the fantasy and writing conferences when it is closer to completion.

  2. Can’t see me playing anything football, but we do have family Dungeons and Dragons night, so can’t judge 😉

  3. Ah, so true, so true.

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