Well, here it is at last, a first pass at the cover of The Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction, by yours truly.

On Sale July 2010

The cover painting is a classic piece by Todd Lockwood, one of my favorite fantasy artists, and a really good guy. One of the things I look forward to most every year is a lunch with Todd and our art director at Wizards of the Coast, Matt Adelsperger, where we sit down and talk about the cover of the new Forgotten Realms® book by R.A. Salvatore. Todd’s creativity is literally boundless and watching the gears turn is a pleasure. It’s one of those times I really have to pinch myself and remember that I’m actually at work. Someone is actually paying me for this.

I’ll let the cover speak for itself, but will remind everyone that it will be in stores in July. I’ll spend the next week or so finishing up the last of the revisions while taking a few hours off for some kind of holiday I understand is taking place later this week, but this is good enough for my weekly post here as we sort of fade out for 2009.

With thanks to Peter Archer and Todd Lockwood, I think this is going to be a good one!

—Philip Athans

About Philip Athans

Philip Athans is the New York Times best-selling author of Annihilation and a dozen other books including The Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction, and Writing Monsters. His blog, Fantasy Author’s Handbook, (https://fantasyhandbook.wordpress.com/) is updated every Tuesday, and you can follow him on Twitter @PhilAthans.
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